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Industrial construction

During the past six years, we have successfully completed the construction of nearly 100 industrial buildings, from design works to the final completion.

Nowadays, sandwich panels have replaced other traditional building methods of industrial sites in the modern world.

By selecting the sandwich panel for construction purposes, the process is three times quicker compared to the scenarios, when we apply the traditional approaches during construction. It saves plenty of time, which is essential for the client. Another and very crucial benefit of using sandwich panels is that they are energy-efficient materials, which makes it possible to refer to the cost-effective solution while keeping the preferred temperature level in the building.

Fire resistance, which is a sandwich panel’s other advantage, guarantees your safety and stillness.

Construction of the industrial buildings  


The construction of the industrial buildings is actively implemented in Georgia. The majority of them are executed by sandwich panels, which are innovative building materials.


It should be noted that sandwich panels are 100% energy-efficient construction material.

Overusing energy leads us to the ecological crisis, which affects our environment and worsens the climate.

The best solution to address this issue properly is to build energy-efficient buildings. It enables us to be responsible for the resources and avoid excessive consumption, keep the steady temperature in the building and lessen utility bills.

We offer you full service for the construction of industrial buildings that covers the initiation and design phases, as well as building the site, procurement, and installation of the machinery.

Farm construction


ICcompany is composed of a highly qualified and well-experienced workforce, who is actively engaged in the construction process of any kind of farms and arranging proper conditions across them: height of the construction, type of the floor, keeping the right temperature for poultry and pets are foreseen in the project. We also offer you the planning and arrangement of the stalls and scoops.

Construction of medical facilities


The world has been fighting against the pandemic for the last couple of years. One of the most efficient weapons in this battle is the construction of the new hospitals that would create more places for patients to be admitted and treated.

We have managed to execute several construction projects simultaneously, we were responsible for the whole cycle of the construction, from design works to the building of the facility.

Using sandwich panels are also a smart decision if the construction of the pharmaceutical facility is intended to implement, as its thermal insulation, fire-resistance, and damp-resistance features comply with all the crucial requirements, therefore, activities are performed to the highest standards.

Construction of the cold-storages


ICcompany has been executed the construction of the different types of cold-storages (refrigerated (temperature above 0), freezer (temperature below 0), cold storage warehousing, and shock freezers). High quality is guaranteed by applying modern technologies and highly qualified professionals.

ICcompany offers a wide selection of sandwich panels with different thicknesses, isothermal doors, and flooring as well as the cold storage that will be adjusted according to the projects.

Construction of the shopping malls


The group of professional architects, constructors, engineers, and designers are united to handle any kind of challenge and shape your vision. We believe that successful results and meeting deadlines are our strengths.

სავაჭრო ცენტრების მშენებლობა

Construction of the storage facilities


Storage facilities are constructed with energy-efficient materials worldwide and use sandwich panels instead of traditional materials. Georgia is no exception in this regard. There is a high demand for constructing the storage facilities with saved expenses and time and keeping the steady temperature. These are the main priorities for the client.

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